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Professional Weighted Portable Removable Fitness Hula Hoop

Product name
Fitness hoop
NBR, Metal
Diameter: 106cm, pipe diameter: 2.5cm
Diameter: 109cm, pipe diameter: 2.5cm
2lb, 3lb
Sky blue and grey,  Blue and red rose
Each fitness hoop in a OPP bag, then in color box
Color box size
Carton size
58x32.5x28.5cm, 10pcs per carton

Product Description

Often use the fitness hula hoop can effectively exercise the waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs muscles,improve the body's waist, hip and knee flexibility. In addition to as a toy, also commonly used in games, acrobatics, or use as a weight loss tool.

Fitness hula hoop fits to all,whoever is man or old.

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