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Premium Exercise Equipment Fitness Bearing Skipping Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope
ABS+PP+Steel Wire
Rope Length
3m (adjustable)
Handle Length
Handle Dia
Net Weight
pp bag each,black pouch can be provided

Product Description

Weighted Jump Rope Features.

ADVANCED HANDLE ASSEMBLY FOR FASTER JUMPING using steel cylinder construction for easy adjustment and speed skipping. You'll notice how much easier it is to speed jump, do tricks, or simply get a heart-pumping workout.

EASILY ADJUST TO PERFECT LENGTH. Need it just a half inch shorter? Quickly make any adjustment you want with the advanced handle construction that lets you disassemble the handle for easy adjustment and refinement of length

HIT DOUBLE UNDERS  - Pro Ball Bearings and ergonomic non-slip handles help you to keep a high momentum and reach extreme speeds up to 320 jumps per minute.

EASY TO CARRY  - Great size allow you to go to any gym,The jump rope is perfect for Home Gym and Outdoor Workouts. It's a workout tool for anyone on traveling, or anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

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